YOPP-SH : Météo-France/CNRM forecast


E. Bazile (1), Alexis Doerenbecher (1)

(1) Météo-France, CNRM/GAME, Toulouse, France (eric.bazile_at_meteo.fr)

Global Model ARPEGE-GELATO 4DVar T1798 c2.2 (high resolution over France 5km and ~20km over Antarctica)

10 days forecast from 00UTC: available in GRIB2 over Southern Hemisphere

The NH model AROME at 1.5km with 90 vertical levels (1525x1525 pts) with GELATO

- lateral boundary conditions and initial conditions from the global model ARPEGE-GELATO

- 3 days forecast

Download GRIB2 file:

ARPEGE and AROME : ftp.umr-cnrm.fr user:yopp, passwd:Arpege, cd MAT

Individual plot for ARPEGE forecast (png file) : ARPEGE

Animate plots for ARPEGE forecast (gif file): ARPEGE

Some plots for AROME forecast (png file): AROME

Animate plots for AROME forecast (gif file) : AROME


Acknowledgements : Vincent Guidard, Yann Seity, Patricia Pottier (Météo-France/CNRS)